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Enjoy barista-style coffee from the comfort of your home

  • 15-bar pump pressure for authentic taste and aroma without the bitterness
  • Adjustable manual settings for precision coffee making
  • Steam nozzle for perfectly frothy cappuccinos
  • Single or double shot filter holder for the perfect strength drink

Coffee for the connoisseur

Coffee lovers know that the perfect cup of coffee starts with a great espresso; which is why the Krups Opio Steam & Pump Espresso Machine comes with all the tools you need to get the basics right. Its 15-bar pump pressure delivers barista-quality results, extracting the authentic coffee flavour without any bitter aftertaste. A coffee tamper is included to help get the most from your ground beans and a measuring spoon ensures you get just the right quantity into every cup. Adjustable manual settings give you precision control, ensuring your coffee is tailored to your palette, while the steam nozzle produces perfectly frothy milk for cappuccinos, cortados and lattes. There are one and two-cup filters, allowing you to balance out the strength and length of your drink and a generous 1.5L water tank lets you brew again and again. What’s more, thanks to advanced water heating technology, the aluminium boiler heats up in record time – so you’ll never have to wait long for the perfect cup. Coffee connoisseurs can take full control with the Krups Opio Steam & Pump Espresso Machine. 15-bar pump pressure delivers professional results and the very best flavour. Adjustable settings give you precision control, allowing every cup to be tailored to your palette. Steam nozzle produces indulgently frothy milk for cappuccinos, lattes and cortados. Accessories include a measuring spoon and high-quality coffee tamper for sealing the coffee and extracting maximum flavour. Choice of one and two-cup filter holder lets you control the strength, while a generous 1.5L water tank allows you to brew multiple cups without needing to stop and refill.


Tamping Manual accessorie : spoon/tamper
Number of cups prepared at once 2
Removable drip tray    yes
Steam function    yes
Steam nozzle    yes
Removable water tank    yes
Colours Black
On/off switch    yes


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