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Galileo Oven

Cooking Method:Thermoventilated
Galileo platform:Traditional
EAN code:8017709294663
Cleaning System:Vapor Clean
color:Stainless steel
Glass type:Eclipse
Brings:With 2 horizontal bands
Handle color:Stainless steel effect
No. of cooking functions:10

Traditional cooking functions

  • Static: Traditional cooking suitable for preparing one dish at a time. The fan is not active and the heat comes from the bottom and the top at the same time Static cooking is slower and more delicate, ideal for obtaining well cooked and dry dishes even inside. Ideal for cooking roasts of all kinds, fatty meats, bread, filled cakes.Static
  • Ventilated: Traditional intense and homogeneous cooking, also suitable for complex recipes The fan is active and the heat comes from the bottom and the top at the same time The ventilated cooking ensures a faster and more homogeneous result, leaving the food fragrant on the outside and moister on the inside . Ideal for baked pasta, biscuits, roasts and pies.Ventilated
  • Thermo-ventilated: it is the perfect function for cooking all types of dishes in a more delicate way. The heat comes from the back of the oven and is distributed quickly and evenly. The fan is active. It is also ideal for cooking on several levels without mixing smells and flavours.Thermo-ventilated
  • Turbo: heat comes from 3 directions: above, below and from the back of the oven The fan is active. It allows for quick cooking, even on several shelves, without mixing the flavours. Ideal for foods of large volumes or that require intense cooking.Turbo
  • ECO: low energy consumption cooking: this function is particularly suitable for low energy consumption cooking on a single shelf. It is recommended for all types of food except those which can generate a lot of moisture (vegetables for example). To obtain maximum energy savings and reduce times, it is recommended to put the food in the oven without preheating the cooking compartmentEcho
  • Grill: Very intense heat coming only from above from a double heating element The fan is not active. It allows you to obtain excellent grilling and browning results. Used at the end of cooking, it gives a uniform browning to the dishes.Wide grill
  • Ventilated grill: very intense heat coming only from above from a double heating element The fan is active. It allows optimal grilling of even the thickest meats. Ideal for large cuts of meat.Large ventilated grill
  • Base: the heat comes only from the bottom of the cavity. The fan is not active. Ideal for sweet and savory pies, tarts and pizzas. Studied to complete cooking and make food more crunchy This symbol in gas ovens indicates the gas burner.Basic
  • Fan + circular heating element + sole heating element: ventilated cooking is combined with the heat coming from below, giving a light browning at the same time. Ideal for any type of food.Thermo-ventilated base
  • Pizza function: specific function for baking pan pizza. It allows you to obtain a pizza that is soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside with the topping cooked to perfection, neither dry nor burnt.Pizza

Other functions

  • Defrost by time: Manual defrost function. At the end of the set duration, the function stops.Defrosting by time
  • the heat coming from above allows any type of dough to rise, guaranteeing an optimal result in a short time.Leavening
  • Dedicated cooking function for the PPR2 rectangular firestone. Ideal for those who wish to obtain a pizza with the same fragrance and crunchiness typical of a wood oven. It can also be used for cooking bread, focaccia and other recipes such as baked fish or biscuits.Cooking on stone
  • Dedicated cooking function for the double-sided BBQ plate, suitable for recreating succulent and crunchy dishes in the oven with the typical taste of grilled or grilled cooking. The striped side is particularly suitable for meat and cheese; The smooth side for fish, shellfish and vegetables.BBQ
  • Dedicated cooking function for the AIRFRY air frying basket. Ideal for recreating the effect of traditional frying in the oven with half the calories and fat. It allows you to cook dishes such as chips, vegetables and fish quickly and easily, guaranteeing perfect browning and crunchiness.Air-Fry
  • SABBATH: function that allows food to be cooked in compliance with the dispositions of the feast of rest of the Jewish religion.Sabbath

Cleaning functions

  • Vapor clean: the particular VAPOR CLEAN function facilitates cleaning through the use of steam which is generated by inserting a small dose of water into the appropriate drawing of the cavity.Vapor clear

Display: Yes

Command adjustment: Knobs and touch keys
No. knobs:2
Knobs: Classical
Knobs colour: Stainless steel effect
Time programming options: Programmed start and end of cooking with automatic switch-off
Timer: Yes
Settable timer:1
Showroom / fair mode: Yes
Fast pre-heating: Yes
Key Lock/ Child Lock: Yes
Settings: Keep warm, ECO-light, Tones ON/OFF, Brightness
Fresh Touch door: In ovens with Fresh Touch door, the external temperature remains below 50°C, guaranteeing safety against burns and protecting the sides of the furniture from overheating. Electronic control: The electronic control manages the temperatures in the best possible way and promotes heat uniformity, keeping the set value constant, with minimum oscillations of 2-3°C. This prerogative means that even the most sensitive recipes to sudden changes in temperature, such as cakes, soufflés and flans, can rise and cook more evenly. All-glass door interior: The interior of the oven door has a completely smooth surface without screws, which facilitates the removal of dirt and makes cleaning more practical. Triple glazed door: In the top-of-the-range models, the oven door has three panes of glass which help to keep the outside of the oven at room temperature during cooking, guaranteeing maximum safety. The two internal heat-reflecting glasses prevent heat dispersion for greater efficiency. Ever Clean Enamel: Ever Clean Enamel is applied electrostatically, corner to corner and edge to edge to prevent cracking or crazing over time. It is a particular pyrolytic enamel, resistant to acids which, in addition to being pleasantly bright, favors greater cleanliness of the oven walls, thanks to its lower porosity. It is fired at over 850°C and slowly cured at a scientifically determined rate to ensure uniform depth and strength. Ever Clean enamel creates a flawless finish on both the oven interior and trays, making oven surfaces incredibly easy to maintain as it reduces the adhesion of fats during cooking Soft Close: The oven door is equipped with a Soft Close system which controls its closure, with a gentle and silent movement, without the need to accompany it. 5 cooking levels: Smeg ovens have 5 cooking levels that allow you to cook different dishes at the same time, ensuring a reduction in consumption. Removable internal glass: The oven has a door with removable internal glass to facilitate cleaning operations and thus have deeper hygiene. 4.3-inch color display with LCD technology, usability with knobs + 5 touch keys 2 halogen lamps: The presence of 2 halogen lamps arranged asymmetrically makes the interior space even brighter, eliminating dark corners. Tangential cooling: This innovative cooling system allows you to have a temperature-controlled door during cooking. In addition to the advantages offered in terms of safety, the system allows you to protect the furniture in which the oven is inserted, preventing overheating.
Display Name: EvoScreen
Display technology: LCDs
Temperature regulation: Electronics
Minimum temperature:30°C
Maximum temperature:280°C
Cavity material: Ever Clean Enamel
N° of shelves:5
Type of shelves: Metal frames
Fan: Single
N° of lights:2
User replaceable light: Yes
Light Type: Halogen
Light power:40W
Light switching on when door is opened: Yes
Opening door: In the limelight
Brings: Cold
Removable door: Yes
Internal glass door: Yes
Removable internal glass: Yes
Total number of glass doors:3
Soft Close: Yes
Soft Open: Yes
Chimney: Fixed
Safety thermostat: Yes
Cooling system: ring road
Resistance interruption when opening the door: Yes
Sole resistance – Power:1200W
Grill resistance – Power:1750W
Circular resistance – Power:2000W
 Indicates the useful volume of the oven cavity.
Energy efficiency class:A+
Net cavity volume:68l
Electrical Connection Ratings:3000W
Power cord length:115cms
Product Dimensions (mm):592x597x548
Net weight:35,100 kgs
Gross weight (kg):38,800kg

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