Smeg TR4110 – Silver


  • Model: Victoria TR4110
  • Colors: Pink, Pastel Blue, Red Wine, Silver, Cream
  • Fuel: Cooker / Electric Oven
  • Capacity: 61L main oven cavity | 61L second oven cavity | 36L third oven cavity

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Cookers with gas hob


The TR4110 dual fuel cookers combine the benefits of contemporary electric oven cooking with the controllability and visibility of a traditional gas hob.


Main Features

  • Gas hob type
  • 7 cook zones
  • Main oven thermoventilated type
  • Second oven fan assisted type
  • Third oven grill type
  • 61L main oven cavity
  • 61L second oven cavity
  • 36L third oven cavity


Traditional cooking functions

Upper and lower element only: a traditional cooking method best suited for single items located in the centre of the oven. the top pf the oven will always be hottest. Ideal for roast, fruit cakes, bread etc. Static             Fan with upper and lower elements: The elements combined with the fan aim to provide more uniform heat, a similar method to conventional cooking, so pre-heat is required. Most suitable for items requiring slow cooking methods. Fan assisted             Circulaire: The combination of the fan and circular element around it gives a hot air cooking method. This provides many benefits including no preheat if cook time is more than 20 minutes, no flavour transfer when cooking different foods at the same time, less energy, and shorter cook times. Good for all types of food. Circulaire             ECO: The combination of the grill, fan and lower element is particularly suitable for cooking small quantities of food. Eco             Grill element: Using of grill gives excellent results when cooking meat of medium and small portions, especially when combined with a rotisserie (where possible). Also ideal for cooking sausages and bacon. Large grill             Circogas: In gas ovens the fan distributes the heat quickly and evenly throughout the oven cavity, avoiding flavour transfer when cooking a number of different dishes at the same time. In electric ovens this combination completes cooking more quickly of foods that are ready on the surface, but that require more cooking inside, without further browning. Fan assisted bottom


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