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Volumeplus: Smeg offers models with load up to 8 kg, while maintaining the best washing results, and providing low energy consumption.
Product Family:Washing Machine
Load type:Frontal
Commercial width:60 cm
Commercial depth:Large capacity
EAN code:8017709328238


Front panel colour:White
Led/display colour:White
Function buttons colour:Black
On/Off buttons colour:Black
No. of control knobs:1
Programme/temperature knob colour:Black/Chrome
Door colour:Black with chrome ring
Handle colour:Black
Drawer Color:White
Top colour:White


No. of programmes:15
Washing Temperature:Cool, 20°C, 30°C, 40°C, 60°C, 90°C
Display:Residual time indicator, delay start, programme status indication
Programme selection knob:Yes
Delay timer option:From 1 to 24 h
End of cycle indicator (light):On display
Programme progress indicator (light):On display
Quick option:Yes, selection with button


  • Antiallergic: Antiallergic program with particular attention to the total removal of residual detergent.Anti-allergy
  • Stain-resistant
  • Shirts: a cycle to wash shirts in a short time with the utmost care, using a delicate spin for easy ironing.Shirts
  • Cotton: For soiled fabrics in cottonCotton
  • Eco 40-60
  • Wool/Hand wash
  • Mixed fabrics: this cycle is designed for lightly soiled laundry in a mix of cottons and synthetics, or can be used just to refresh stored items.Mix
  • Outdoor
  • Duvet
  • Super fast 14 min.: a programme designed to wash small amounts of laundry fast, ideal for washing lightly soiled garments.Quick Wash 14 min
  • Refresh: an ideal program to refresh the garments that have been kept for a long time indoors and eliminate unpleasant odors, without having to wash.Refresh
  • Extra rinse: The Extra rinse option: can be added to the selected programme when more thorough cleansing of special fabrics is needed.Rinse
  • To drain the water in the machine.Drain + Spin
  • Self Clean
  • Synthetics: to wash your synthetic clothes (shirts, blouses, synthetic/cotton blends, etc.). It washes with a gentle action and has a shorter washing cycle compared to the Cottons programme. For curtains and tulle, use the Synthetic 40˚C programme with prewash and anti-creasing functions selected. As their meshed texture causes excessive foaming, wash the veils/tulle by putting little amount of detergent into the main wash compartment. Do not put detergent in the prewash compartment.Synthetics


  • End Time
  • Spin Speed
  • Temperature
  • Prewash: program designed for heavily soiled garments.Prewash
  • Option that allow to reduce times of the selected program.Quick
  • Steam Option: the steam is perfect for smoothing out creases, refreshing fabrics, neutralizing odors and releasing dirt, destroying allergens more quickly than by washing the item in water.Steam


This option advises when the periodic cleaning of the filters is needed, in order to avoid forgetfulness and thus guarantee the perfect functioning of the dryer over time. The convenient position of the filters makes maintenance fast and extremely simple. Automatic Load Balancing: provides an ideal distribution of laundry in the drum. In case if the imbalance is detected, the rotation speed starts being controlled in such way to evenly redistribute laundry in the drum, and thus reduce vibration. Smeg's evolution towards more intelligent and eco-friendly models has led to the choice of Inverter technology, which significantly reduces consumption. Child lock: some models are fitted with a device to lock the programme/cycle so it cannot be accidentally changed. Variable load: In all models of washing machines is present the system of variable load, according to which the machine automatically diversifies the wash cycle and the time of operation depending on the quantity and type of laundry introduced, allowing a significant saving of water and energy power, up to 30% compared to the versions with fixed load. 34 cm: Large loading hatch of 34 cm in diameter, makes laundry loading and unloading easier and faster with maximum ease of use. LED display: to show programmes, functions and options selected and the time to the end of the cycle.
Type of motor:Brushless/Inverter
Display type:LED
Electronic control functioning:Yes
Display/led for temperature regulation:Yes
Spin speed selection on display/LED:No spin/ 600/ 800/ 1200/ 1400/ Rinse hold
Polypropilene tank:Yes
Basket:Stainless steel
Drum capacity:65 l
Door diameter:34 cm
Door opening:160°
Automatic variable load:Yes
Antifoam system:Yes
Load balancing system:Automatic
Easy to access filter:Yes
Child lock (functions block):Control block
Liquid detergent accessory as standard:Yes


Drum has maximum capacity of 10kg of dry laundry. Energy efficiency class A
Energy Efficiency Class:A
Weighted energy consumption [per 100 cycles, eco 40-60 programme]:51 KWh
Loading capacity:10 kg
Water consumption [per cycle, eco 40-60 programme]:48 litres
Spin-drying efficiency class:B
Airborne acoustical noise emissions (spinning phase):75 dB(A) re 1 pW
Airborne acoustical noise emission class (spinning phase):B
Programme duration at rated capacity:3:58 h:min


Nominal power:2200 W
Voltage (V):230 V
Frequency (Hz):50 Hz
Power supply cable length:140 cm


Dimensions of the product (mm):840x600x580
Width (mm):600 mm
Depth (mm):580 mm
Product Height (mm):840 mm
Net weight (kg):78.000 kg
Gross weight (kg):79.000 kg


Packed width:650 mm
Packaged depth:600 mm
Height (mm) packed:885 mm
Dimensions of the packed product (mm):885X650X600
Type of packaging:Shrinkwrap
Packaging composition – paper & cardboard (kg):0.000 kg
Packaging composition – polystyrene (kg):0.841 kg
Packaging composition – wood (kg):0.000 kg
Packaging composition – plastic (kg):0.159 kg
Door window:Giant door

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